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About Us

Who we are

GestaltSoft is a software development company established in 2017. We create modern and high-quality software to meet the needs of our users. We specialize in the development of desktop software applications. We always use the latest technology to meet the needs of our users.

What we do

Desktop software development is the core strength of GestaltSoft as a company. Combination of the rich technical expertise, years of experience, and deep understanding of the low-level desktop operating systems architecture help us to develop the modern and high-quality desktop software.

Technologies we use

As a professional desktop application development company, we know that our customers value desktop applications because of their rich feature-set reliability, stability, bulletproof security, and flexibility. We have mastered the technology stack which helps us to deliver the best of the kind desktop solutions.

Our Focus

User Convenience: All our desktop software undergo conscientious planning & comprehensive testing to make sure that everything is fine and easy-to-use as it should be.

High-Performance: We focus on the speed and powerful features than the web apps. We make sure that every solution designed by us have enough features and capable of solving complicated tasks swiftly.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, you may contact us using the contact form.